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January Home Maintenance Tips

New year's call for new starts!

Although I strongly believe in setting goals all year long, January can be a great time to consider what we want to accomplish for the year.

Below you will find 9 tips for maintaining and managing your home this January. These tips are yours to use. Be sure to subscribe to my weekly email to stay up to date on the latest!


1. Schedule Home Projects for the Year
Home improvement projects are almost always on our minds, but often they don't get done! Why? We get busy and prioritize other things! So, write down your home project goals for this year. If you're feeling extra ambitious, write down some budgets and timelines for when you would like them to be done.

2. Wipe and Polish Kitchen Cabinets
It's still a *little* too cold for outside projects, so why not take some time for your kitchen? Dusting and polishing your cabinets can help them shine like new! Cabinet hardware should be polished as well. Greasy cooking can leave an unpleasant layer that you can remove with a quick wipe.
3. Home Inventory List
In case of the need for an insurance claim, an updated list of possessions and assets can really come in handy. Be sure you are prepared for unexpected events by listing your valuables. Here are a few tips on where to get started.

4. Change Water and Ice Maker Filters
Most manufacturers recommend replacing water filters every six months to one year, depending on the model and usage. Be sure to check your owner's manuals for model numbers and recommended replacements. 


5. Plan Outside Landscape Updates
Although your yard may be covered with ice and snow right now, it's not too early to consider upgrades come spring. Landscaping can affect your property value by nearly 15%! Start thinking about that curb appeal early on!

6. Clean and Organize Closets
There are hundreds of blogs, videos, and ideas focused on how to organize your closet. I've tried many, but here are a few of my favorite tips:

  • Turn around all your hangers. Set a reminder on your phone 6 months from now. Once you wear an item and hang it up again, the hanger goes back on the rack normally. In 6 months' time, you now know which items you wear and which ones you don't. Here's the hard part: get rid of what you don't wear!
  • Organize your clothes by color! This has seriously changed my life. I can get dressed so much quicker. I usually know which colors I'm in the mood to wear and this little tip saves me so much time. Plus it is pretty, so I am much more motivated to keep it organized.
  • Get your shoes off the floor! I waited WAY too long to do this. My shoes would be buried in laundry baskets and every time I went to find a pair, a huge mess would be made. Check your local Ross or TJ Maxx for racks. They usually only run about $15-20. Check out my before and after!

7. Check for Ice Dams
Water is miraculous, but it is also VERY invasive. Check for any reservoir of water and make sure you get them taken care of. Proper drainage is a huge help in keeping ice from building up.

8. Protect Pipes from Freezing
Check storage areas, basements, and attics to be sure your pipes are staying warm enough. Frozen pipes are not fun to deal with!

9. Wash Blankets and Comforters
While we all love to snuggle, we don't all love germs and dirt. Wash your blankets and comforters before packing them up for warmer weather.

I hope this list has been helpful to you! Stay tuned for additional updates on how to maintain your home.


Devere Wilkey

Charles Wixom Realty

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